2019 Continues Growth in Diverse Industries in Colorado

March 31st, 2019   •   no comments   

LCOF has been growing along with Colorado businesses through our (nearly) two decades of existence. When Low Cost Office Furniture was founded in 2002, much of the growth that fueled our business was in the tech sector. Now, while tech and software continue to be a huge part of our portfolio of clients, we see so much more diversity of industry: medical and healthcare, construction, education, energy, and professional services – just to name a few.

LCOF has steadily grown its portfolio, and the wide range of customers and backgrounds of their respective industries gives our firm a special insight in to the varied furnishing needs of different work environments. No two work spaces are the same, but the fundamental goals are consistent: efficiency of workspace, productive connectivity of shared spaces, good flow within space-plans, and (of course – as basic as it sounds), durable, high-quality, low-cost equipment delivered on-time.

We strive to keep those fundamental design goals at the forefront of our used-furniture offerings. And those fundamentals keep our customers coming back from so many diverse backgrounds and industries.

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