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Filing Cabinets

In an office storage is very important, you need somewhere to hide and organize all that paperwork, files, invoices and secret snacks. Lucky for you we have plenty of options the most popular being what we call a pedestal which is a term used for a small filing cabinet, these small units are designed to fit under a work surface and sometimes even aid in supporting said worktop. Some are on wheels with padded tops and double as a seat, usually they come with draws that are slim known as 'box' or larger for folders and files which we call 'files'. So when a pedestal (drawer set) is noted as box, box file it means 2 small drawers and one large... are you following still? 

We also have a range of cubicle shelving including those with cupboards known as as 'hutch' and lots of paper management options that connect to your cubicle or workstation and offer 'floating' trays or upright paper organizing. There are also free standing storage and filing cabinets that are larger than the smaller 'pedestal' cabinets. So whatever you're looking for let us know today and we can find that perfect stylish solution! 

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