LCOF would like to help facilitate a healthy and comfortable transition to work-from-home during the COVID-19 crisis. We’re offering special pricing on top-quality, gently-used ergonomic task chairs from the best manufacturers. We will provide curbside pick up by appointment from our Louisville warehouse.

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And while you’re here, take a look at our current stock of furniture. We are constantly updating inventories- usually we’ve got plenty of furniture that isn’t represented on these pages. Please feel free to contact us with any special requests for specific items.

Haworth Compose 6x6 with glass 100+ available

Single BBF ped, single flipper door OH. 58"h spine with glass return and wing panels. Power in spine. Super design with raceway-free wing and return panels. Excellent condition.

Haworth Compose 6x7 and 6x8 with glass qty 65 available

These incredible workstations include panel-top glass, plenty of under-worksurface storage with two cabinets in each. Power integrated on the spine, and system-integrated whiteboards.

Steelcase Answer - 120 available with sit/stand

7x8 general footprint with super features: mobile pedestal, open shelving storage, AirTouch sit/stand worksurface, combination wardrobe storage. Excellent condition!

Haworth Compose 6x7 Workstation Fully Optioned 100 Available

These workstations are beautiful! Each workstation has two storage cabinets; one mobile 2-drawer with seat top, and one 2-drawer. Also included are overhead storage bins, glass-tiled panels, expanded electrical modules, 24"d worksurfaces, and varying height panels.

Haworth Unigroup Too 6x7 54"h low/mid height (68) available

Just a few years old... Excellent condition on 54"h workstations. Popular low/mid-height with glass, each station has a BBF ped, FF ped, shelf, tackboard. Neutral light colors with an attractive maple laminate worksurface finish. Mix of top feeds and base feeds for power

Haworth Premise Enhanced 6x7 w/glass - 30 available

Beautiful Workstations with plenty of glass and storage. Maple worksurface finish, light airy tones for trim and fabric. Each workstation includes a 3-drawer cabinet, 2-drawer cabinet, overhead flipper cabinet.

AIS 6x6 workstation - 44 available

These workstations have 65" with 54"h drop-down panels. One BBF pedestal per workstation. Maple laminate worksurfaces and neutral cool-tone fabric and trim.

Herman Miller Resolve Workstations - 120 available

Highly Flexible and creative workspaces can be the result of Herman Miller's Resolve pole-based workstations. Power integration, data integration, and flexibility for worksurface and privacy element dimensions make this a nimble and effective workstation option. We have 120 workstations available.

Herman Miller Resolve - 30 workstations available

High-tech Pole Based system with 120-degree configuration. Provides the work space with a dynamic and creative design with efficient individual work stations.

Height Adjustable Workstations/Desking

We have over 150 adjustable height workstations/desks in stock. Choose from Steelcase, Allsteel, Ergo, Teknion. Units are available in electric/motor driven, or paddle-operated manual. These can be fitted with almost any worksurface size and shape. Starting at $350.00 each.

Herman Miller AO2 low-height call center workstations 200 available

Each workstation has a curved 5'x4' worksurface with a round/shared worksurface between each workstation. Panel height is 39"h.