The Trade-offs of Used Furniture

  • October 11th, 2011  

    In life we must face decisions that arise from the scarcity of our limited resources; time, functionality, and money are the three that affect business processes the most. Dealing with scarcity is at the heart of all economic considerations.

    When a company makes decisions regarding office furniture they’ve got a lot to consider. What are their density requirements? What’s their style? Do they need the space furnished quickly? Some clients find that they have very specific needs that can only be met with a new custom order, but many find that the cost savings of buying used, coupled with the rapid deployment that as-is furniture can provide will give them the most value in their furnishing decisions.

    There are certainly advantages in buying new furniture; colors, finishes, and exact specifications can be met. LCOF can typically provide used options that meet, or in many cases exceed the expectations of the client. And when the quotes are compared between new and used options, the choice becomes much clearer.

    With used furniture the client can receive a higher quality type of furniture for a far less expensive price than a lower quality new product.

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