In addition to office furniture sales and purchasing we provide the following services:


LCOF can provide a full range of space-planning and layout configurations for your office. We can create to-scale digital spaceplans and present you options with a variety of used furniture choices. LCOF uses digital spaceplanning software with manufacturer specifications, and can create 3D rendering for enhanced visualization of furnished spaces.


We can handle moving furniture projects and we’ll take care to safely relocate desks, chairs, presentation boards, cabinets, and other furnishings.


We have decades' worth of experience with major commercial furnishing manufacturers. We’ve facilitated the installation and reconfiguration of thousands of cubicles, and we can bring a full-featured service that will require only an electrical and low-voltage hookup to get your office up and running.


If you prefer to rent furniture we can assist. We can provide short term rental for quick events, or we can even outfit large spaces with all phases of furnishing: workstations, desking, conference / collaborative, etc - and we'll handle load-in, installation, and later take-down and removal. Renting furniture is often a financial and logistical improvement over buying. 

Brokerage Services

LCOF’s vast network of furniture dealers and wholesalers can be put to your benefit. We can find just about any type of commercial furnishing on the market, and we’ll add value with our experience of dealing with the corporate asset secondary market.