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Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair Size B - Dark Grey

One of the most iconic office chair designs of the modern era, the Aeron chair has become a must have for offices and work spaces. With it's ergonomic design and many adjustments the Aeron ushered in a new age for task chairs and it set the bar real high!  

The Aeron can be specified in many ways, the 'fully loaded' version with all the options is always the most popular but we also keep a range of more basic versions which are a little more budget friendly. The most common color is the dark grey or graphite but every now and again we get a batch in other colors, so if you're looking for just one chair for your home office or you need to outfit your entire workplace with the Herman Miller Aeron chair contact us today and we'll find the perfect Aeron solution for you! 

Common Aeron adjustments include seat height, tilt functions with either rear tilt with a tension adjustment and/or forward tilt. Arm height with or without arm adjustment and lumbar support in the classic configuration or the updated and adjustable posture fit. Even the less optioned chairs can easily be adjusted to suit your needs and the mechanical nature of the Aeron chair means that in the unlikely event that something does become faulty it is relatively easy to replace or fix the mechanism. 

The Aeron is also constructed with recycled materials... what's not to like? 

We usually keep a running inventory of Aeron office chairs and whilst usually in the most common size B, we do occasionally have other sizes too. Our ever changing inventory means we often have both the classic design and the updated posture fit lumbar support models in stock. Check in with us today to find out our current inventory status. 

Available Adjustments

  • Seat height
  • Arm height 
  • Lumbar support
  • Seat tilt
  • Arm angle 
  • Tilt tension
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