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Steelcase Amia Office Chair

The Steelcase Amia has been a mainstay in offices all over the country now for many years. A modern looking chair with many color options and all the adjustments you need, sharing many similarities with the iconic Steelcase Leap, the younger sibling Amia has a versatile and updated look. 

Available like many modern task chairs with adjustable arm height and 4 dimensional adjustment, lumbar support, back recline options with tension adjustment, lumbar support, adjustable seat depth and of course seat height there really is nothing the Amia doesn't take care of. 

In regards to sustainability the Amia is made from 17% recycled material and is 86% recyclable according to Steelcase. 

We often have a selection of Steelcase Amia chairs in stock in a range of colors and specifications, call or message us today to find out of current availability and it doesn't matter if you need just 1 chair or 100. We'll be happy to help! 

Adjustments Include

  • Seat height
  • Arm Height
  • 4D arms
  • Seat depth
  • Tilt and tilt lock
  • Tension adjustment
  • Lumbar support
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