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Conference Furniture

Conference tables have become a key workspace item in the last few years, allowing large groups of people to congregate together in a shared space and reflect on ideas and discuss important matters. Fortunately here at LCOF we understand this and have a large stock of conference table, meeting area or training and boardroom tables and chairs. 

From small to large we have lots of tables in different materials, colors and designs and can help tailor make something to suit your needs. Though often we don't have to because our huge inventory covers most requirements. We have over 1000 chairs in stock too to seat as many as you need around your tables, with budget to high end choices offering comfort, style and ergonomic solutions to keep you concentrated and comfortable no matter how long the meeting lasts. 

We have tables with power outlets, hidden cables, central access points and all the other accesories you want for your conference area. If you can't see exactly what you want here, just give us a call or email and we'll let you know what else we have. We have a constantly changing inventory so keeping this page up to date is not always easy! 

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  1. Herman Miller Setu Chair 70+ available
  2. Harmony Nova Task Chair - 8 available
  3. Steelcase Cobi Task Chair
  4. Steelcase Conference table
  5. 7' teknion conference table
  6. 13' teknion conference table
  7. Versteel Conference & Meeting Tables
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