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Cubicles, Workstations & Desks

Cubicles, workstations, dividers, modular work areas call them what you will, these are our bread and butter and there's no one better at it than us! We have a huge inventory that's fully customizable to work with any space. Available with a range of panels, overhead storage, pedestal filing cabinets and all the electrical modules you need. We also have all the accessories you need including hidden keyboards, monitor arms and hidden wiring solutions. 

We stock all the big names in workplace modular cubicles including Herman Miller, Haworth, Knoll, Kimball, AIS, Teknion and many more. Offering workspaces with height adjustable, U-shaped, L-shaped and traditional worksurfaces. It's safe to say that whatever your office needs we have you covered. With full installation and design services available. Reach out today and find out how we can maximize, modernize and transform your office interior. 

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  1. Steelcase 6x8 - 50 available
  2. Steelcase Answer 6x6' - 50+ available
  3. Steelcase Answer 7x6'
  4. Allsteel Workstations 6x6' - 120 available
  5. Teknion workstations with wood panels
  6. AIS Benching System
  7. Steelcase Answer Benching System with steelcase think chairs
  8. Steelcase Answer Workstations 7x8' - 20+ available
  9. Steelcase Airtouch adjustable height desk with mobile ped
  10. Humanscale float desk
  11. Herman Miller Benching system with Mirra 2 chairs
  12. Friant benching workstations
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  13. Knoll Dividends workstations
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  14. Picture of Herman miller canvas cubicle system with white and purple panels
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  15. Haworth Compose workstation with glass
  16. Photo of Allsteel Terrace cubicle system
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