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Lobby Furniture

The lobby can be one of the most important areas of a workplace, it's more often than not the first thing your customers and clients see when they enter your place of business. With that in mind it's very important to get this area looking right and make that good first impression. 

In this area you will find some of our available lobby furniture, items such as sectional sofas or professional looking lounge chairs for waiting areas, even ottomans or love seats in a range of great designs. We also often have some reception furniture or reception desk sets and other miscellaneous lobby, reception or waiting area items. If there's something specific you're looking for then give us a call or email and we can see what solutions we might have for your needs. 

Once again you can find all the high end names here like Knoll, Herman Miller, Arcadia etc and all in fantastic condition to assist you with the look and feel of your perfect reception ideas.  

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  1. Goetz Knoll Twist Guest Chairs
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