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Private Office Furniture

It's difficult to work without a desk and we have them in abundance! So if you're furnishing private offices we have of options to fit the bill with U-shape or L-shape desks with a range of finishes. Desks can come complete with bookcases, electric height-adjustable sit/stand desks, corner work surfaces, filing storage pedestals, overhead storage and hutch lighting to make the perfect productive work area.

We offer full design services to fully optimize your space with desks that can be configured so suit any area, with matching sets to fit your desired color scheme. Our inventory is ever changing so check in with us if you can't see what you're looking for and we can find a stylish solution that fits your specifications.  

We have all the top name brands from Herman Miller to Haworth and Knoll and many more. We also have the perfect ergonomic and designer chair to put the cherry on the icing of your desk shaped cake! 

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